Connecting passengers to their ride and more

Our GETPASS App is the key to our smart transport ecosystem as it allows us to manage our fleets and for our passengers to track their rides.

Ride Monitoring

Tracking and evaluating ride movements and behaviors.

Information & Notices

Notifications providing data or alerts for public knowledge.

Cashless Transactions

Paying for bus fare using digital payment methods.

And more

Appointments, Calendar, Event Ticketing, Attendance, Messaging, Fun and Games, Advertisements


Our system monitors the COMET from the driveway to the highway which allows routes and schedules to be optimised making transport smarter and more efficient

Passenger customization

Our analytics and automation platform takes the guesswork out of understanding our passengers and generates instantly actionable real-time data to power our business and serve our customers better

Passenger Tracking

Our system monitors user activity which allows customization of stops and routes for rider convenience and efficiency