For your transport requirements, we offer a triple bottom line partnership by providing the Electric Vehicle, the Charging Network, the Rider Management System and the Maintenance and Operations of the fleet.

Corporate Shuttle Service


A shuttle service that’s dedicated exclusively for the use of a company for a specific schedule, route and riders. Fixed amount is charged to the company.

The company has the option to pass on the amount charged to their riders.

Corporate Shuttle Service


A shuttle service that pools riders coming from various groups or companies. An anchor company starts the service with an approved route.

Succeeding sharing companies and riders follow the route set by the anchor company. Fixed amount is charged to the companies. Company has the option to pass on the amount charged to their riders.


Build awareness and introduce your products and services to existing and potential customers to grow your business.

Bus Wrap

A perfect ad for any company brand or product. The unique look of the bus catches attention. The bus travels to different routes, multiple locations and schedule. The bus is specially visible during rush hours when pedestrians are out on the streets.

Onboard Display

An average passenger is on the bus at least 15 minutes with 2 HDTV strategically located at the front and end of the bus.

Your company announcements to your employees can easily be seen.

Your company ads can also be strategically played in your own shuttle bus or on other GET client’s shuttle busses and routes

Getpass Ad

A smart app based fleet and passenger management system that improves the customer experience and makes transport more intelligent and more efficient.


PUV Modernization

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) recognizes the need to reduce pollution and decongest traffic by promoting the use of electric vehicles integrated with a passenger and fleet management system.

Our PUV Program is here to partner with jeepney coops and LGUs to make this happen.


The COMET is more than just a shuttle service vehicle, you may use it as a roving party venue, a music studio, an intimate concert venue, a stage for a digital event or a mobile product launch store plus so much more.